Saturday, August 14, 2010


7 days post double-red blood donation and I was feeling fine.

Surprisingly cold and windy this morning, I wore an undershirt.

Wildlife Encounter: turkeys on this guy's lawn outside the Park.

JB joined me at the Gate, seemed to be coughing a lot.

On the Bump, I went anaerobic and never really recovered so I guess that was a blood thing... slow recovery, low stamina, quick to go over the aerobic edge.

Found a pair of nice gloves between the Ranches - turned them in to Ranger Carl at the Junction.

Talked to Peter who was coming down from the Summit. He started up at 7 and said there were quite a few other people also on the road at that time. Couldn't talk him in to doing Foxy's with me though.

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Rick said...

I'll do Foxy's with you.