Sunday, September 04, 2011

2011 SMR 25

Mornings are coming later and later.  School's started, weather's cooler.  Still not sure why the Mountain was packed with cyclists this morning though.  There were a bunch of guys in USO jerseys but they weren't the only group.  Bonus - I was faster than most of them.

Wildlife Encounter:  deer near the Arroyo del Cerro.

I was planning on a Diablo Spy Cam from this location, but the bugs were just too  viscious.


Keith said...

At the summit, there was a volunteer military organization with a support tent. They represented families (seemed to be mostly mothers) with current or former active duty military. Nice people. Presumably they were there to welcome those USO rides that you saw. FYI!

Diablo Scott said...

That makes sense because there were also a couple motorcycles included in that group. One of them asked me if I was with the "signal ride" or something like that, so not all of them in the group had the matching jerseys.