Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 SMR 28

Late to the Gate.  This month I celebrate the 20th anniversary of my first Diablo ride.

First ride of autumn.  Lots of stuff falling off of trees.  Some kind of seeds or something that make a noise like popcorn popping when you run over them.

Way too many cars this morning... did a lot of riding near the edge of the road hoping they wouldn't pass around blind corners.  

Roadkill Report:  Squirrel.  I usually don't bother with these guys but this one appeared to be very recently defunct... no maggots or raptors had yet found the cadaver.

Lots of riders at the Junction... mostly complaining about all the cars.

Thanks to blog reader PumkinCycle for this notice which appeared in the CoCo Times.

By Gary Richards (9/11/2011 CCT)

Brian Fong, David Brower, Jim Clark and more

A        I'm sure you're right, but after years of complaints like this, now there is hope. Residents along this private road and county officials could reach an agreement by the end of the year to pave this road. It is a private road belonging to all the landowners between Diablo/Blackhawk Road and the park entrance gate on South Gate, and they must come up with money to do this needed work.

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