Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011 SMR 27

First ride of the season in tights!  We've been having cold nights but warm afternoons... wasn't a bad choice but maybe a little overkill.

Went for a long one after the Upper Ranch but JB caught and passed me after Chainbuster... then I almost caught back up before the Junction.

Some kind of ultra marathon running event happening on the trails but we didn't see much.


Product Review:  Kenda Kwik Track tires - 700x32c

These tires came on my Masi fixed gear commuter.  The rear one suffered a casing tear sometime this week.  My commute takes me over some gravel and road debris as well as goat head territory. I like having this bike because of the urban warrior kind of toughness and I don't lightfoot over curb hops and potholes so these tires get a fair amount of punishment.  Front one's fine and I'm keeping it on.  I'd definitely consider buying them again depending on price and availability.

Glass cut?  Curb jumping damage? Under pressurized?
Doesn't appear to be the tire's fault.
923 miles... no complaints.
I think I had two rear flats in that time.
Still plenty of tread though.

They always rode well and I liked the reflective strip.

Suggested max:  85 psig
Some reviewers complained about the weight - pfffft -
It's a commute tire, durability is pretty much the whole game.
So I went to Sports Basement not sure what I'd find but they actually had a decent selection of 32mm tires.  I settled on these Vittoria Rando's...  $28.  No stickers or other schwagg at this price point.

The "pro" version is a folding model; these are wire bead.

One thing I noticed though, was that they were a little thinner than the 32mm on the label.  I checked and found the Kendas were 31mm and the Vittorias were 29mm.  I guess this is a common trick to make one vendor's tires seem lighter by comparison (because the comparison is not really valid).

32mm Kenda:  31mm

32mm Vittoria:  29mm

Anyway they look nice and mounted easily.
And they have a reflective strip too!

I'll probably write a review when this one fails.
Suggested max 75 psig.

Not obviously a different size, but if the 35mm version is actually 32mm 
I probably would have bought that one instead.

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