Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 SMR 05

NGR SGR Blackhawk Tassajara

Everything started out fine; dressed, prepped, and pumped up my tires as usual.  Left in plenty of time.  Got two blocks from home though and my rear tire was totally flat.  So I limped back home and changed it... looks like I tore the tube near the valve when I was pumping.

So I was gonna be late, called JB and he said he'd meet me at Junction.  Wow it was cold this morning but the sun was out and it would warm up quickly.

Wildlife Encounter:  I heard a bunch of coyotes that were really excited about something, but didn't actually see them.

Any ideas how I can keep my lens from getting fogged up?

I passed two guys on NGR but didn't see anybody else... then when I got to Junction there were quite a few people there just hanging out.  JB and I decided to go down to Blackhawk and that was a fun extension.

Saturday Regulars:  Keith, Dudley.

Saw quite a few signs like this near the South Side... I joked that the real reason the residents didn't want the development was that SummerHill wanted to repave the road.  I went to the website and it says the cluster homes being proposed were 4000sf houses on 8000sf lots... that's a lot of density I guess, but I don't have an official position.


AZWildcat said...

Re: Lens fogging up. Maybe a Ziploc bag?

Keith said...

Lens fogging..
Camera warms up in your jersey pocket, then hits the cool air with fog resulting.
You could try the ziplock, store in a different place (hard to do unless you wear a small backpack). Also you might try cleaning the lens thoroughly with good quality lens cleaner and lens cleaning tissue. If the lens is super clean, it is less likely that fog will stick. Worked for me when backpacking in VT. Good luck!

Diablo Scott said...

I think part of the problem is that my jersey pocket gets pretty humid, so there's lots of moisture in there to condense when I pull the camera out. So the baggie might work but it would make it hard to whip out the camera for an on-the-fly photo... which is mostly what I do. If I'm stopped I can clean the lens off first.