Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 SMR 01 - New Year's Day to the Summit.

New Year's morning is a great time for outdoor enthusiasts to be on Mount Diablo.  I left the house at 7 at dawn and it was pretty light by the time I got to the Gate.

Christmas Cycling Chwagg

Not nearly as cold as you'd expect for January.  And it actually got pretty warm somewhere around the Ranches.  Saw my first rider descending about 8 o'clock.  There were a few runners and trail hikers out pretty early also... and some runner support vehicles going up.

New Year's Eve Indulgences

Rear tire started going soft on the Bump.  I stopped to top it off and hoped I could keep going without changing the tube... it was a little cold to be subjecting my fingers to that.  Had to top off again just above Junction.

Got a little windy up higher, especially on the southern exposures but not too bad.  It was some good riding.

New Year, New Keg of Cytomaxx

Kept going at Juniper but stopped for a ClifBar break at a picnic area just above there.  And topped off the rear tire again.  Then once more in the Lower Lot at the Summit.  In the Upper Lot I met Bill who had a really nice Quantum Race that he let me photograph, and we had a Klein Konversation.  (Hi Bill!... year 2000 for sure)

Bill's Quantum Race

Wildlife Encounter:  two coyotes, two locations.
This guy was just a puppy!

On the descent, I must have seen at least a hundred riders going up NGR... mostly small groups, but a couple big groups too.  Below the Bump I decided I needed to replace my rear tube but both my spares were bad so I just topped it off again (and again and again before I got home).

Click play and join me on today's ride.


Mike said...

Happy New Year Scott!

Curtis Corlew said...

Happy new year! Was that your "hello" I heard on as i slogged up the mountain?
What's with your naming convention? "2012 SMR 01" I've been trying to guess SMR for too long.

Diablo Scott said...

Happy new year, Mike and Curtis!

Curtis I don't remember seeing you, but I generally shout "hello" to everyone I see coming up... so it might have been me.

SMR stands for "Saturday Morning Ride"... sometimes I do my SMRs on Sunday morning though... like on NYD.

Keith said...

Between photography and video, you were busy!. I have taken a shot at video recording while riding and know it is a challenge. The editing takes a bit of work too, even without embellishments.

Here is a past effort.

Among other things I learned about bicycling and video, is that it is really annoying to hear your own breathing! I think adding music and then perhaps some sort of streaming text or voice over would work better.

Happy New Year, and see you on the mountain!

Rick said...

Scott, I was snug and warm in bed NYD when you went up the mountain. Good for you! Happy New Year!

Diablo Scott said...

Rick: NO Belgian Hardman points for you.

Anonymous said...

Tasty tunes, Scott!