Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 SMR 03: Hump d'Hump

JB and I arrived at the Gate at about the same time.  He was dressed warmer than I was, but it looked like the cold wasn't going to last long.

Not really that many riders out today... maybe folks are out of town or something.  Little early for Death Ride Training.

Dudes at Turtle Creek Ranch were burning wood on a spare the air day... nasty.

JB stopped to take off his jacket so I attacked and beat him to Junction.

We both went down Southgate and he kept going but I turned around to do a double humper.

Nine guys went up while I was pulled over at the turn around spot.

Caught the Shaversport guy and his buddy pretty quick.  1 and 2 of 9.

Can you believe this is January?  Beautiful weather, but we could use some rain.

 Then I started to catch Castelli guy and Capo guy, 3 and 4 of 9.

Castelli guy recognized me, so we exchanged pleasantries.

The Easy Side is a much different experience than Northgate Road.

Aha - 5,6,7, and 8 of 9... in the bag just before returning to Junction.  Never did catch #9 in blue just ahead though.


Mike said...

Saw you as we were heading up, you were on the way down just after the hump. Rode with my Daughter this morning - was truly a beautiful day!

Diablo Scott said...

Excellent Mike. Can't wait until my daughter wants to ride with me up the Mountain... I'd happily drop large on her equipment! In the meantime, tandem rides at charity events are still pretty fun.