Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 Primavera Century Fremont Freewheelers Family Fun Ride

Diablo Daughter and I did the 25 mile route from Union City to the BayShore and back.

Roadkill Report:  skunk

Pretty nice little course.  About 5 miles through suburban roads that were wide and smooth, then bike trail out to the first rest stop, then more bike trail out to the Bay for some great views, then more trail until you get back into town.  Lots of non event riders and joggers but it wasn't crazy the way MUPs can be.

Freemont Freewheelers were fabulous of course, all kids got these cool medals.
Diablo Daughter remarked that she was glad they didn't get plastic medals... and why do they call plastic medals "medals" anyway?

Free movie!  Just click.

25 mile family fun ride with Diablo Daughter

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Curtis Corlew said...

Man, I did the 100 mile version and got NO MEDAL at all. What's up with that? Hardly fair at all.
Tricia's road kill count was skunk, squirrel, possum, bird, mystery thing and something else.