Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 SMR 15

Felt good today... 2-1/2 minutes faster than Wednesday night.
The Devil Mountain Double staff ride was today so there were quite a few double century riders coming down at 8 o'clock... chappeaux to all of them.

Wildlife Encounter:  turkey

Roadkill Report - snake.  Acutally it might've been dropped by a raptor; hardly any squishy bits.

 Near the Ranger House I caught up with this guy named Ernie.  He had this cool jersey and said he got it at Kaiser in Martinez in the gift shop.  Apparently we're in the Diablo region of Kaiser and the mountain isn't really intended to look like Mount Diablo... so they succeeded there.

Called it a short day since Diablo Daughter and I are doing Primavera tomorrow!  The 25 mile Family Ride on our tandem.

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