Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 SMR 16

Got an early start today to watch some of the awesome Devil Mountain Double riders coming down the Mountain.  Some of these guys won't finish until well after midnight; they must eat HTFU flavored Clif Bars.

Roadkill Report and Wildlife Encounter DOUBLE:



The North American opossum is not related to the New Zealand possum, although both are marsupials.

So I was riding up with my camera in one hand and I somehow changed the settings to "sucky, out of focus, and random blue dots" options.

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Lanceoldstrong said...

"...the awesome Devil Mountain Double riders... must eat HTFU flavored Clif Bars."

Well actually we do:

Upside down cake

This flavor is hard to find but is the key to a Devil Mountain Double Finish. The secret is out.