Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012 SMR 21

Warm today, even early this morning.  Met JB at the Gate.

Wildlife Encounter:  Tarantula  (in June?!?!)

Heat and wind really sapped my energy - I was hoping to do the Summit today but not feeling like this.

At the Junction chatted with some acquaintances and convinced myself I didn't feel THAT bad... so up it was.

They're doing some kind of landscaping project at Juniper.

Wind got a lot stiffer on Summit Road... but the heat was about the same.

A friend asked me to buy a couple of the new Mount Diablo State Park jerseys for her at the museum store... but they didn't have the sizes she wanted.  The guy let me put some on reserve for their next order.  They were mostly out of everything except mediums.  So here's my advice for anyone who wants to buy a jersey... call first and see if they have your size and then wait for them to come in before you go up expecting one.

Wildlife Encounter:  Rattlesnake at Muir Picnic Area.

On the way down there was a snake stretched across the road.  Took me a while to stop but I wanted a photo so I got turned around but then some MTB guys were coming down and one of them ran right over the snake despite my shout out.  After that the snake coiled up.  He attracted a little crowd and we cautioned people about him but we couldn't coax the guy off the road.  I piled up some rocks and sticks around him so people would take a wide line even if they didn't know he was a snake, and then I finished descending.

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