Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 WNR 10

Beautiful evening.  Got a late start; rode solo.

Rummaging around my desk at work, I found a strawberry-banana GU with a "Best By" date of February 2009.  Tasted fine and it wasn't puffed up with bacterial byproduct gases or anything... so I didn't worry.

After like 9 years, I finally figured out how to use the Average and Max speed functions on my Flight Deck, and the Virtual Cadence thing too; it's like a subroutine of functions within the main routine of functions and not always accessible.  I'd always been able to do it with the manual open at my desk, but I'd always forget once I got back on the bike.  Anyway, it's kind of interesting to watch the AVS drop as I climb and getting familiar with what AVS corresponds to what ETs.  As one of my blog readers tells me... I should probably get with the 21st century and buy an iPhone with GPS or a Garmin computer or something so I can log my suffer scores on Strava for the whole world to see.

Roadkill Report:  Squirrel - not QUITE photo worthy, but let's just say... he went quickly.

OK, WTF is up with those blue doodads in all my photos?  They're not always in the same part of the screen, so I don't think it's a lens problem or a sensor problem... is it just condensation?  There was plenty of humidity in my jersey pocket tonight, that's for sure.

Passed-em: Passed-me ratio:  6 to ZERO.  One guy was chasing me from the Gate, but I had an insurmountable gap by Upper Washout.

No surprise that I faded a bit on the last mile, but I also got a real bad stomach ache - couldn't even take a deep breath - all I could think about was that expired GU I ate on the way over... no way it was bad, but what else could it be?  I passed a guy in a John Muir Medical Center jersey - that added to the drama a bit.

Then I passed one more guy near the Ranger House.  I was really hurting by then but I kept pushing, in a hurry to get it over with.  Later at the Junction, I talked to him and told him about my stomach ache and he pulled out a little medicine bottle and some dose cups and said... "I've got something for you if you want it."  I declined without having any idea what it was, then he explained... "It's single malt scotch".  First time I've ever seen that.  He took a swig and I almost asked him for a wee dram to take home for later.  

More blue aberrations.


John White said...

The blue spots look like lens flares. Always seem to come from the angle of the sun in your photos. Possibly there's internal condensation that's contributing? Certainly looks hazy in areas. What kind of camera is it? I use a waterproof camera on the bike, occasionally get condensation.

Also, please get a GPS, I'd love to see your Strava results ;-)

Trisha said...
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