Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012 WNR 09

First day of summer!

Wildlife Encounter:  gobs of squirrels, mostly young ones the size of rats.
Roadkill Report:  squirrels (you knew that was coming)

Nobody else from the office came today so I rode my own ride.  Felt pretty good despite the heat.  At one point I thought my Cytomax had gone sour, but then I remembered I had just bought a new can and switched from Orange to Lemon-Lime flavor; weird how your expectation of what you're tasting affects what you actually taste.  It was really a good flavor once I stopped thinking it was supposed to be orange.

Kinda faded a little bit at the last mile, so that means I wasn't sandbagging.

At the Junction, blogreader Dan was there in the MDSP jersey he got for Father's Day.

Also at the Junction was one of the guys who was in the rattlesnake observation team on Saturday and we told our story to the other folks at Junction.  Turns out one of them was some kind of naturalist hired by the Park to look for endangered snakes - the Alameda Whipsnake especially, so he was interested in where we saw the rattler.

AKA "Striped Racer"

Sunday is the Livestrong Davis ride - if you're doing it, look for me at PowerStop #2 (mile 24).  I'll mix you up a special recipe of power water or something.

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