Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 SMR 11 -- The Pipe

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OK, today's plan was to ride up to my proposed AMGEN TOUR OF CALIFORNIA Mount Diablo Stage viewing area.  A few times I have stopped for photos here but didn't really remember how much of the road below I'd be able to see.  On the way up I noticed a few other places that could see lots of South Gate Road, so they'd be decent back-up plans.  The Pipe is about a quarter mile up from Juniper - just past the 3000 ft elevation sign; and it's about 2 miles from The Summit so it should be a strategic point in the race for both the stage win hopefuls and the GC contenders.

I'm predicting this will be the money shot.

View from The Pipe

Top of the Pipe

The Pipe from Below
When I got to The Pipe I found that I could see quite a bit of Summit Road below, but not much of South Gate.  Anyway, here it will be... nice views, a place to sit if I want, a place to display my California flag, and a better than average chance of achieving the Ultimate Prize (getting on TV).

I figure that if you can't edit your ride video to less than three minutes, you'd better have some exceptional footage.  Today's clip is 2m17s.

The Pipe from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

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