Sunday, March 31, 2013

2013 SMR 12

A little moist but some good riding weather.

The display case at Junction had a whole lot of AMGEN TOUR OF CALIFORNIA MOUNT DIABLO STAGE information.  The roads will be closed at 2pm, or earlier if they have reached "capacity".  The race is expected to enter the park at 3pm with a 3:45 finish.  There is also a photo of the official commemorative AMGEN ToC Mt. Diablo Stage jersey which will be available "on race day"... I assume that means they'll have a merchandise booth at the Junction or something - like they had at Bonny Doon on the Santa Cruz stage a couple years ago:
Bonny Doon Booth

Road Kill Report:  1) black cat, 2) blue bird,  3) brown frog

We decided today was probably the greenest the Mountain will be for the year.  Bring on the brown.

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