Monday, April 01, 2013

Please sponsor me in the *Ride for a Good Cause*

I've done a bunch of charity rides in my time, but this one really has me excited.

Click HERE to sponsor me!  Every dollar counts.

You can feel good about your contribution because it's going to a good cause!

These folks really know how to put on a ride.

My sponsors are the greatest!

Help me reach my goal of Gold Level participant

Gold Level Fundraisers get to meet celebrity spokesperson 

FLO from Progressive in the after-ride party.

And all contributors get this complimentary bumper sticker.

More information HERE:


Diablo Scott said...

Not a single "LOL" comment? I admit I've had better April Fools posts... but that hurts, my fans.

pumpkincycle said...

So does this mean you've gone on strike??--no posts for 14 days, must be a Diablo Scott sequester.