Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 WNR 02

Whole slew of folks from work today.

Charlie with his new 65cm Zinn-Designed KHS with the 200mm cranks and Chris King hubs.

Seppi (who's running the SF Marathon in a couple months) with his new 62cm Trek.

Deanna who's doing the AIDS ride with her new Performance carbon-fiber bike.

Kevin, Ed, JB, and me.

Pretty warm for April... I thought about friends in Minnesota who are looking at blizzard warnings.

Wildlife Encounter:  Coyotes howling at Junction.
Oddball Observation:  Bagpiper guy in the usual place.
Roadkill Report:  Snakes and lizards.

Not as many folks on the Mountain as I would've expected though... wonder where they all went?

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