Saturday, April 20, 2013

2013 SMR 14

Devil Mountain Double was today - most of the fast guys were already gone but we got to see quite a few finishing their Diablo segment.  Chapeau to everyone who finished the most awesome double century in the USA.

edit - anonymous poster tells me today was the staff ride and the actual DMD is next week.  I guess I was fooled by the DMD rest stop at the church and the red numbers on the riders' backs.  Still... I should know about that kind of stuff.  Actual DMD is on Saturday, and the ATOC Etape de Tour is on Sunday so lots of Diablo riders next weekend.

JB uses the stopwatch function on his Blackberry
instead of a cyclocomputer.

Some guy who just happened to ride into a nice
natural frame behind me.

Wildlife Encounter:  a bunny.

That's some blue sky right there.

The green phase has passed.

The wind was really stiff up above 1,000 feet or so.  Put your head down and grind is about all you could do.

Perhaps the DMD caboose. 

I don't know this guy, but I think he was posing for my seatstay cam.

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Anonymous said...

Staff ride - main event next Saturday.