Saturday, June 15, 2013

2013 SMR 20

Cool at the start, warmed up quickly.

Passed'em - Passed me ratio=  2:2

Continued on up to Juniper.  Felt good but ran out of time.

Yeah!  Do this, Danville!
DANVILLE -- Some call it "the Khyber Pass of Danville" -- a narrow, winding stretch of Diablo Road with hazards from commuters rushing to work and school and a growing number of bicyclists pedaling to Mount Diablo for exercise.
The solution: Get Danville to widen a 1.7-mile-long stretch of road and add bike lanes there, say some residents, cyclists and leaders of the nearby community of Diablo.
The suggestion, however, is getting a cool response from town planners who worry about the steep financial and environmental cost.
Widening the road would require grading large chunks of hillside, chopping down more than 150 trees, relocating a creek and changing the bucolic nature of the road lined by oak and eucalyptus trees, Danville planners say.
The Danville Town Council will hear both sides of the debate Tuesday night in a public hearing before a possible vote on plans for the 66-house Summerhill development south of Diablo Road.

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