Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 WNR 10

Yeah, did some Zone 5 training today!.  Started out with Deanna (who just finished the SF-LA AIDS ride),  Ed, and Tall Charlie.

Took off from the Gate and opened up a huge gap.  Then Tall Charlie caught me back.

Passed up these guys before the Dumpster Gate but then they caught me back up too.  But then I got my second wind and passed everybody.

Max heartrate = 179.

This little guy was really good at pulling garbage out of the bins.

Apparently, 7 miles apart is the appropriate distance between Trek dealers. Any cyclist near North Gate has probably been to Encina Bicyles - a great and convenient shop, a little on the small side, Trek dealer but not exclusively.  The best part about Encina though is their really really good mechanics.  And the best of them, Dave Bzdula, has attacked the peloton and opened up his own store - Big Dave's Bikes in Pleasant Hill; a little on the small side, Trek dealer but not exclusively, more or less convenient depending on your location... he's sticking with a proven business model and DiabloScott wishes him veel succes. 


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