Saturday, June 01, 2013

2013 Ride Ataxia Davis

A fun ride in the heart of bike country, for a good cause!

This was Kevin's first organized ride - he was a little nervous, asking all kinds of questions on the drive up.

After things spaced out, I had him practice pace-lining, taught him about elbow flicks etc, and he really enjoyed it.

Met Tall Charlie at the first rest stop - we didn't see him at the start and he must've made a few green lights getting out of town that we didn't.  He stayed with us most of the rest of the way.

About mile 35, Kevin drifted off the road and crashed.  Not too bad and the SAG driver showed up within a few minutes with bandages and stuff, but he's going to be hurting later tonight.

Yeah... that'll buff right out.

These Davis roads are a lot of fun.
Home stretch

Uploaded my Strava data during the post ride meal, and someone had already defined the route and I was the tenth person to record it... that says something about how popular Strava has become.

OK, this is actually a photo I found from last year's ride, but I did see some of these folks... wheelchair trailers.  Just wow.

The Man with the Plan

2013 Ataxia Ride Davis from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

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Lanceoldstrong said...

Too bad about the crash. Bummer.

Are you in for the Carquinez BF ride on Saturday?