Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 WNR 08

Today's contingent:  me and Seppi.  He waited until the Bump to loose his horsepower.

Look!  A new shift cable.
I figure I'll do one cable per month until I get 'em all.

I've been looking over the Amgen Tour of California results for the Diablo stage and found some interesting segments on Strava.  Depending on which segment you reference, the new (Strava) record for Mount Diablo from the south is either Marc de Maar, or Lawson Craddock.  Both of these guys were in the main peloton when they entered the park.  I contend of course, that the only segment that counts is the Official Diablo Scott Strava Segment.

Of course the TRUE Diablo from the south record probably belongs to stage winner Koenig, who apparently doesn't have a Strava account... doing a little extrapolation, we see that he beat de Maar by 44 seconds, so subtracting that from de Maar's (Official Diablo Scott Strava Segment) 39m02s puts the number at 38m18s: truly phenomenal.  Here's hoping next year they take North Gate Road instead of the Easy Side.

 1. 101  CZE   1987  1115   KOENIG, Leopold         TNE  03:54:17    00:00:00
 7. 142  USA   1992  0220  CRADDOCK, Lawson    BCT  03:54:49    00:00:32
10.  81  AHO   1984  0215  DE MAAR, Marc           UHC  03:55:01    00:00:44

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