Wednesday, May 08, 2013

2013 WNR 05

After a hot few days... today was pleasantly cool.

The wristband on my heart rate monitor broke last week.  Replacements were impossible to find, so I just glued the watch part onto the handlebar mount with a big glob of Liquid Nails.

Me, JB, and Seppi all rode well together for the first few miles but it was obvious that I was breathing harder than they... so I struck out with great vengence and furious anger up The Bump and stayed away until the Lower Ranch when they caught me back up.  I figured it was better to have flashed and flared-out than never to have flashed at all.

Seppi also forgot his shoes and had to ride in his running shoes... didn't slow him down.

Lots of people at the Junction, many talking about The Amgen Tour of California Mount Diablo Stage coming up.  Still not sure if they're going up the Wall though.  No bikes past Devil's Elbow, but there will be bike vallet parking there so you can hike up to the Summit.

The rules aren't clear.

At the Junction, some guy driving a brand new car scraped the passenger side on the swinging barrier gate that was propped open... he was backing up and appeared to be not only a bad driver but an all-purpose twit.  The ranger went over to make sure he wasn't drunk or something, the rest of us all just laughed.

Hey... where's the LOVE  ??

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Mike said...

Always LOve reading your posts!
(how's that for love?)

We did a Wed Night Ride as well - in the dirt!