Saturday, May 11, 2013

2013 SMR 17

JB was running late so I did a solo to Junction.  This time I went for an assault on Split 2 - Penny Lane, starting at the park boundary sign.  The hard part about this segment is you don't have your climbing groove on quite yet, and as soon as you're done you face the Bump so you know you won't get a chance to recover at the end of your hard effort... 90 percent of it is half-mental.  Missed my PB by 3 seconds.

Roadkill Report:  rattlesnake near the Loading Dock

So the rest of the way to Junction was done in oxygen debt.  Also, it was getting pretty warm.

At the Junction JB showed up a few minutes later, and then ex-regular Moss arrived with his FIL on the way to the Summit.  Moss said he was a volunteer for the AMGEN Tour of California Mt. Diablo Stage.  He'll be directing traffic on NGR early in the morning and he bought one of the special jerseys that aren't available to the GenPop until race day... also he says they told him the finish is definitely at the Upper Lot - and it sounded like they will be taking the Challenge route where they go up the down wall.

The Team ClubSport folks were doing a ride up the Easy Side so JB and I went down to meet them but they weren't there yet so he went on around and I waited at the Tire Poppers and then came back up with them for a Bump de Bump.

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