Saturday, May 18, 2013


I've been waiting for today for at least six months.

Last year when the AToC came over Diablo it was not a decisive stage, not a decisive point in the stage, and not really that interesting since they just came up to Junction and went down the other side in one big group plus a meaningless breakaway.  Also they didn't show ANY of it on TV since it was before the coverage started.  But I guess we impressed the race director enough to convince him that Diablo deserved a mountain top finish.

Left home a little before noon planning to be at my spot by 2pm and that worked just fine.  I was kind of hoping my spot wouldn't be too popular... increasing my chances for international television fame; but there were hundreds of people there... including a guy in a chicken suit, a girl in a cow suit, and another guy in fishnet stockings and a bodice.

Race entered the Park at 3pm right on schedule.  New climbing records were set for the SGR-Summit route; The stage winner probably had the fastest time but it doesn't look like he has a Strava account.  Awesome that anyone could do such a fast time after a hundred miles of racing before they got there.

SPD pedals for standing around shoes.
Lower gears help when you've got a 30lb backpack.
Helmet with camera mount, and California mix on the box.

Bike parking was sub-plentiful.
Man, this is a good spot.

I brought some chalk but couldn't think of anything
clever to write on the road.

I wish these guys would pick a spot and stay there instead
of riding around until the last minute.


Completely click-worthy.

Amgen Diablo 2013 from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

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