Saturday, September 07, 2013

2013 SMR 28

Five Summit Saturdays in a row.  I might extend the string through October 5th... the weekend after that is the Devil Mountain Century by Veteran's Victory Velo.

Wildlife Encounter:  two young deers at Burma.

Roadkill Report:  tree squirrel - well, still kind of flopping around but he'll be deceased by the time you read this.

Spare the air day - smoggy and hot.  Lots of riders were coming down after an early ascent to beat the weather.  Lots of hikers on The Mountain today as well... just a coincidence it seems.

Before the century I'm going to need to put on those new tires in the garage, and the new brake pads I bought... might as well change the bar tape while I'm at it too... oh heck, maybe a complete overhaul and carnauba wax.

JB's last ride before some work and pleasure 
traveling around the world.

I know the sky looks blue here, but down lower it was 
hazy and gray.

Le rewarde

They've really got the lower lot torn up now - can't even get back there.

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