Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2013 WNR 21

Well we squeezed in one more after work ride, but that was definitely the last one for the year.

Product Review:  Mountain Rush e-Gel.  This stuff gets a 10 for concept and an 8 for execution.  It's a little more tart than the drink, but still tasty.  I'll be packing quite a few of these on the Devil Mountain Century in a couple weeks.  I have the best luck preventing cramps when I take these e-Gels along with e-Caps from Hammer (and salty stuff and bananas and Cytomax) for a combination of electrolytes.

Mountain Dew flavored energy gel... 

Me, Seppi, Tall Charlie, Rhys, and Evan tonight.  And it was Rhys's first time up this year; too busy with work and two kids going to college I guess.

Rhys and Charlie set a fast pace for the first three miles while we other three held back a bit.  After the Ranches it all blew up.  Evan took a commanding lead and then me a minute behind, and then about a minute's gap between everybody else.
Pumpkin Jay papparazzis me.

Always smiling, not only for the camera

Married man Seppi, just back from his honeymoon in 
Jamaica, rolls in a distant third.

On the way back down, Rhys flatted his rear tire and we all stopped to wait for him.  We did give him a ration for having one of those useless ultra-mini pumps.  Then we noticed his spokes were almost all too loose so I did a little roadside tensioning.  Then once he got going again, now pretty dark, while leading the five of us down, he ran over a bunny and killed it.  I was last in the train at that point and I heard some shouting but I figured they were just pointing out the road kill in the shadows - wasn't until later that they told me Rhys was responsible.  He said the thing changed direction after he'd committed to going around the other way and thump-thump, dead rabbit.  Rhys has a pretty stout touring bike with substantial tires so no damage to bike or rider.

And so the sun sets on another season of Wednesday Night Rides,
and my blogging goes back to once a week.


Curtis Corlew said...

You're riding the wounded warrior sentinels of freedom rid? Is that the Diablo century you write of? If so, watch for us. Tricia and I will be there.

Diablo Scott said...

Yeah - the 100 mile Veterans Victory Velo route is called the "Devil Mountain Century". See you at the start line.

Diablo Scott said...

I think it's officially the DEVIL Mountain Century, but in some places they refer to it as the DIABLO Mountain Century.

From the V3 page:
The Routes

We've put together new routes for 2013. And now our 100 Mile ride has a name; The Diablo Mountain Century!

100 MILE ROUTE: Begins at 7:00 am

A challenging century featuring two climbs to 2,000 ft. and throw in some rolling hills to make a total ascent of 6,990 ft. for the entire ride.