Saturday, July 05, 2014

2014 SMR 19

JB ordered a new set of bottom bracket bearings for his Della Santa.  Typically for him, he waited until the existing set was completely unusable.  Today he rode his Trek 520 with rack and pannier.

Wildlife Encounter:  deer on the trail next to the road below the Gate.

Had my seatstay cam pointed a little too high today.

This guy was Diablo Serious.

Started up The Wall about   20 meters ahead of this rider.

Finished about 30 meters ahead.  BOO-YAH

Friend said he saw two bad crashes yesterday on SGR, ambulances and everything.  Makes me feel better about candy-assing all the turns going down.  I don't much notice any residual broken pelvis pain, but my descending confidence is still way down.

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Mike said...

Saw the guy in the white tights coming down. I only remember him because it seemed a little too hot for tights.