Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2014 WNR 11

I was expecting a bit group from work tonight, but everybody had an excuse except me and Kevin.

Punkin Jay suggested I do a flat ride in Sacramento.

It was hot, but not quite DAMN hot.  Still, Kevin was suffering and I stayed with him to offer encouragement.

Passed 'em-Passed me ratio:  0.5 to 5.  Joggers count as one-half.

JB will be back from his family reunion to ride on Saturday.

Funny story:  On Saturday's health club ride I was pulling into the parking lot at the end of 40 miles, and I did that totally pro move of stretching my quad by hooking my foot over the saddle and flexing... very impressive if done properly.  BUT, I swung my leg too far and hooked my foot between the nose of my saddle and the top tube - it was stuck in there and now I was looking at an ignominious slow-speed face plant.  Fortunately I had the wherewithal to keep rolling, swing the rest of the way over, and kind of do a goofy one-footed dismount without tasting pavement.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to my first time up this hill tomorrow morning. Susan

Diablo Scott said...

Cool! How about you write up your impressions for a guest blogger post?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the last mile and a quarter was just too much for my heart and lungs. I walked, rode, walked and rode but my heart rate was staying too high. There were 2 nice rocks in the last mile for me and the bike to rest on. My 2 buddies made it to the top. We came from Fresno and our own heat wave and now we're planning on this ride again. On a cooler Spring day.

I have to say we have some great climbs here in the Central Valley. Mt. Diablo reminded me of all our climbs but presented to me in ONE epic climb. We don't have this view. Incredible. Susan