Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014 SMR 20

Today is the Death Ride... I figured there wouldn't be too many hard-core riders on the Mountain; I was wrong... hundreds of cyclists of all abilities were enjoying the roads and trails of the state park today.  Seemed to be a lot of cars also but there weren't any special activities going on.  One family at the Summit was even dressed up in their go-to-church clothes.

Tuck and Dudley were among the cast today as well.

Diablo Shoutout to blog reader Smooth Joey, 
who contracted a custom bike made to look and ride like a Klein


Alaric Caleb said...

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Diablo Scott said...

Hi Alaric - you're ugly and your friends laugh at you behind your back.

Also Electric Bicycle Sydney couldn't find its ass with both hands and an ass map.

Rick said...

You tell 'em!