Saturday, May 02, 2015

2015 SMR 16

JB at the Gate and admitted he didn't have a good reason for not coming last week.

Today's special guest rider:  RICK.  He has an important race tomorrow so decided riding with me and JB would be the perfect warm-up.  We did some catching up and some gossiping.

 Several big rides this weekend, I was surprised to see so many riders on The Mountain today.

Wildlife Encounter: Turkeys at the dumpster gate

Wildlife Encounter:  Deer at the vineyard.

Saturday morning regular cast of characters:  Sergeant Slow, Dudley,

Diablo Shoutouts to:  Keith, Smooth Joey, Rivendell Mark

Keith, proud Vermonter

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Flatted at the Rick Roll.  Some little sharp stone that was kind of hard to remove.  Rear started going soft and I felt it going around this turn and then I did that little bouncing on the saddle thing to be sure and yup.  Is that three?  Yeah, I think I'm done getting flats for a while.

The Rick Roll

Oddball Observation:  Lady with her helmet on backwards.

Bonus blog photos:  Got my tomatoes planted!  JB sprouted these from seeds and got too many so these are the extras.

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Rick said...

Why do I look so serious in the first picture?? :D