Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 WNR 07

Product Review:  DIABLO flavored hot sauce from Taco Bell.  Of course I had to try it... it's kind of a black pepper hotness instead of a hot pepper hotness... I like FIRE sauce and VERDE better, but this is cool.

Isaac, my retired greyhound,
frolicking at the Paw Patch
with Diablo in the distance.

Meeting at work ran late so I got a really late start - and since I was giving Elmar a ride, he was late too.

Last week I went sort of easy until two miles to go and then went hard.  Elmar finished about two minutes ahead of me.

This week I went hard for the first two miles and opened up a big gap on Elmar but he caught and passed me on The Bump.  I did hear him breathing pretty hard though so he was hurting.

Then I kept him within about a minute up until Chainbuster and then I started to get closer.  I thought if he was within site at the "GATE AHEAD" sign, I'd unleash my sprint with great vengeance and furious anger... and he hadn't seen me so yet so he thought he had a bigger gap than he did.  But then a car passed us and he looked back and saw me and upped his cruising speed and when I got within striking distance I didn't have much kick left.  Anyway, it's been fun having him along because he's just a smidge faster than me and that makes me want to get better.

A couple friends are doing the AIDS ride starting this weekend so they didn't come today... I've known several people who did this and they all said it was a wonderful experience.  There's a high bar on sponsorship for that ride - I suggest finding someone who's doing it and sending them a few tax-deductible bucks.

Saturday's the Ataxia Ride... some of the same roads as Foxy's, but not Wooden Valley Road in Napa County that cracked my ribs seven months ago.  I should be fine.  Riding the fixed gear!

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