Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2015 WNR 06

Small group tonight - assorted excuses.

I told Kevin a good training ride would be to go easy for the first 4-1/2 miles and then hit it hard for the last 2 miles.  He said OK, but his effort level 11 is not noticeably different from his 6.

So I'm discussing how to psyche yourself up for a hard effort like that, and preparing to enter the pain cave and right at 2mtg, Punkin Jay passes us.  Now his cruising speed is about the same as my 15-minute max effort speed so it was perfect timing until I faded out after Chainbuster.  Kevin only had about 10 minutes of max effort in him so he ran out of gas a little earlier.

Wildlife Encounter:  Heard an owl at Junction but didn't see him.  Saw a deer on one of the switchbacks on the way down but he stayed off the road.  And a couple turkeys playing chicken.

Jay has 20 pairs of Lion of Flanders socks.

Kevin and Rhys do The Bump


This guy called out, passed safely, and then waved.

This guy didn't call out and passed way too close.
 Like he was telling me I should move over to 

the slow part of the road with the other Freds.
Then he barely stayed in front of me and I could easily 

have passed him back.

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Greg Prosmushkin said...

Looks like a lot of fun and some great views! Your "Bufl-ugl-ugl" caption for the turkey crossing the road cracks me up!