Saturday, June 06, 2015

2015 SMR 19

Beautiful weather today... warm and clear and still.  Hundreds of riders enjoying The Mountain.

I could feel the legs from the hard effort Wednesday night.

Green Eggs and Ham Jersey - HA!

Diablo Shoutout to Kasters

There was a guy at Juniper that appeared to be having a medical problem.  Had a riding companion with him and a ranger talking to both of them.  Didn't appear to be a crash and he appeared to be uninjured, but he was lying down on a picnic bench.  Just after we went by, an ambulance came up from below and then a helicopter landed somewhere near there... I stopped for video but they were out of view from up higher.

Yes indeed, my blurry black triangle thing appears to be a permanent problem with my Contour camera.  Fortunately it's near the edge of the field and doesn't ruin too many photos.

Blurry black triangle thing on the right.

OK, checkout this bad driver.  I'm taking the right lane so cars behind me can turn right - then I keep taking the lane until I get past the street on the other side of BART so those cars can turn right.  The right lane ends just ahead at Bentley where I'm going to turn right.  Now virtually all drivers understand what I'm doing and see it as a safe and courteous maneuver.  It works up to a dumbass driver level of 9, but this guy is a 10.  He squeezes past me while he honks, then cuts me off with a right hook.  I think he wants to go to the garage sale on the left but he thinks I'm following him to have a confrontation so he doesn't park, goes slow and then brake-checks me.  

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Monrezee said...

Well the driver can't wait for you to pass...cause then you win. haha And car drivers can't let that happen. Seems like a typical case of(I didn't know what the guy on the bike was going to do) so now I forgot how to drive correctly.