Thursday, June 04, 2015

Multi-Modal Commute

A couple years ago  when I was going to San Francisco frequently... I bought one of those BikeLink cards so I could use the secure lockers at the BART station.   I put $20 on the card but they only had about 6 lockers there and I never ONCE got to use one.  So I've been carrying this $20 BikeLink card in my wallet for years, unused.

Today I had another opportunity to go to The City and I figured I'd check out the lockers again; I couldn't trust that a locker would be available so I packed FOUR bike locks in my trunk bag in case I had to park in the Riffraff lot.  There are now 24 secure BikeLink lockers (in addition to the BART rental lockers) and LO there was one available for me to use (maybe more than one, I stopped looking after I found one).  So I scanned my card and it worked and a door opened and I got everything in there and then I shut the door and put 10 hours on the meter.  I'm not exactly sure why they make you put in a stay time, but if you go over that amount the rate goes up from 3¢/hour to something higher... so it appears there's no downside to guessing high because you are only charged for how much time you actually use (not the whole 10 hours for my example).

Anyway, these lockers are really cool, but I suggest not using them so there will be one for me when I want it.

A photo posted by Diablo Scott (@diabloscott) on

A photo posted by Diablo Scott (@diabloscott) on
Tight fit, but I got everything in there.

Abbey would've been 11 today.
We just got a condolence card in the mail
from the pet crematory folks.

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