Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2015 WNR 09

We had a heat wave the last few days, then it cooled off, then today it RAINED!  It was supposed to stop in the morning so I figured the ride would go on and packed my bike in my truck.  But it rained until 3pm and everyone else who planned on coming cancelled except me and Elmar.

They were concerned about improper clothing and wet roads but it was really no problem at all - by 5:30 the Mountain was mostly dried up and the only damp spots were under trees that were still dripping... and it was warm and still.

My new desktop wallpaper

Didn't see any other riders on the whole Mountain until about the Ranches when one woman was coming down... then two guys passed us above Chainbuster, and that was all.  There were a few more riders coming up as we were coming down around the Loading Dock.

Passed 'em-Passed me Ratio:  zero to two

Wildlife Encounter:  a deer and a bunny

Don't get up to Juniper very often on a WNR... it was nice.

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