Saturday, September 05, 2015

2015 SMR 30

Tarantula Tally:  one -  I didn't see him but JB did so I'm counting it.

Really windy - the kind of gusty wind that keeps reasonable riders off their bikes, but there was a larger than usual group this morning.  Haven't seen so many riders at Junction for a long time.

Wind even blew JB onto the gravel shoulder at one point, he recovered just fine but that was partly luck.

It was also hard riding though and my legs were rubber by the time we got to Juniper.  Then it was a slow, cautious descent.

WORD - the safety-consciousness and increased safety measures being considered by the Park Rangers include a renewed enforcement of speed limits.  Blog reader SmoothJoey recounts his story here:  SmoothJoey'sTumblr

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Keith said...

I have been stopped twice for speeding on descent though not this year. There are spots where the limit is 15 mph! I always thought I descended liked Grandma... apparently not. Also recently stopped in Walnut Creek for rolling through stop signs, just before the traffic circle on the north side. And lastly, I spoke with a rider a few weeks ago who was ticketed for trespassing... .he went around the locked gate a the ranger station on the north side. He took a day off to go to court apparently to explain that he was a friendly cyclist not an evil transgressor and the judge fined hime $250. I think passing a ranger while descending is certainly.... unwise!