Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 SMR31

Full plate today - company picnic at noon.  JB's out of town so I thought about doing the Health Club Ride, but they were planning on 60 miles and I didn't think I'd be back in time.

So...just a quickie Junction Run.  But I offered my Merckx to a colleague at work to let his brother use when he visits next week... so I rode that bike to make sure it was working well.

I was really surprised at how quiet the ride was.  Other than being heavy, the Eddy Merckx has a wonderful ride quality... but if I'm noticing how quiet it is, that must mean my Klein is noisy and I never really noticed that except on bumpy roads where I get some cable buzz.  More research needed.

Wildlife Encounter:  THREE young deer at the bottom of The Bump.

Finally some nice weather after a rough heat wave.  LOTS of riders enjoying The Mountain this morning.

Tarantula Tally:  ZERO - first ride since July that I haven't seen one.

Product Review:  Clif Bar Carrot Cake flavor.  Sounds great but isn't - gets a 2/10 on the DiabloScott Energy Bar rating scale.  It doesn't make me gag, but it tastes more like carrot cardboard than cake.  Worst flavor they offer.

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