Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015 WNR 21

Elmar's brother Markus is visiting from Switzerland so I offered my extra bike to him and we all did a Summit ride.

Kinda strange to see someone else
on my bike, but Markus was
appreciative and I was happy to help

Wildlife Encounter:  at least 20 deer at various places around The Mountain - in groups of 2 or 3 mostly.

Tarantalla Tally:  zero, but Matt said he saw four.

It was surprisingly cold and drizzly - going to be hot again in a couple days.  All day people were talking nervously about how bad the rain would have to be before the ride would be cancelled... only one no-show.  It really wasn't too bad and I kind of enjoy a little weather.  Elmar had to keep telling Markus that the cold and rain were unusual and normally it would be clear and hot.  Too bad there wasn't much of a view.

Whenever I'm planning on a Summit, I dial down the effort on North Gate Road - that meant today I was the last of the group to get to Junction so I hardly took a break there and we all started up Summit Road.

Yup - that's rain up there.

Got considerably colder and rainier up above 2000 ft but it was still fun and enjoyable.  Message to anybody who doesn't ride in a little drizzle:  you're missing a nice experience.

Going down wasn't too bad either, just had to be a little careful around wet corners and wipe my sunglasses off once in a while.

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Fan Kai said...

Definitely glad that we got to ride the summit in the rain!