Saturday, March 12, 2016

2016 SMR 07

36°F at The Summit this morning.

Only the hardiest of cyclists and a few crazies were riding today.

Special guest riders:  Dan and Steve

Steve entertained us with jokes and stories, and not breathing hard.

Dan skipped the Junction rest stop.

Fog got pretty thick near Juniper, then it got windy too.

JB turned around at Juniper, didn't like the cold.

My new fitness monitor provided this fascinating chart.
No surprises.  Diablo regulars can probably match up the
 heart rate to the terrain.  (Home to Summit to Home)

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Monrezee said...

Thanks Scott for letting me join you on a now truly official Mt. Diablo. Your Mt. really is nice and peaceful at 8 am. Fun getting the nicknames for spots as we rode by them, also the history of your time on the mt. was cool. Conditions were so-so, but that's a Mt. in the winter. Decent was OK, I headed down S. Gate and saw a unicyclist heading up.