Saturday, March 19, 2016

2016 SMR 08

It's been two years since my broken pelvis crash.  In honor of the anniversary I rode the same clothes.
Hari came again.  That's commitment coming from Berkeley to be at the Gate at Eight.

Last weekend of winter - I decided it's time to start riding the Klein again.  Took him off the hooks last night and he didn't need any adjustments or anything.  Tires were firm enough that I knew I didn't have a slow leak.  Pumped them up and I was ready.

Go Bears!  Cal Jerseys always get a Diablo Shoutout.

Colonel Al rode with JB and me up to the Summit and discussed the plans and schedule for safety improvements.

Wildlife Enounter:  1 deer and 1 jackrabbit.

So many poppies...
but you'll probably have to zoom in to see them.

Roadkill Report:  bullfrog... belly up.

Felt good to be riding in shorts on my fair weather bike.

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