Saturday, March 26, 2016

2016 SMR 09

Windbreaker weather... really nice.

Hari joined us again... hardly any arm-twisting.

Wildlife Encounter:  two turkeys, a tom in full display

Wildlife Encounter:  a young, solitary deer

At Junction, we connected with Al again.  He said MDSP has given the "Mount Diablo Cyclists" their own window in the shack... so look for announcements and other info there... right above the bike rack.

Al rode with us up to Summit, and we discussed more about plans for safety improvements.

If you're on facebook and haven't joined Al's MOUNT DIABLO CYCLISTS, group, you should go check it out.

He says literally everyone is on-board with the basic ideas, there are some specific ideas that are still being refined, and then of course there are funding issues.

Then right on cue, some dumbass in an SUV makes a dangerous blind curve pass.  Al's trying to get MDSP to send warning letters to these guys... I sent him my video of the incident for effect, a still shot of the license plate, and a statement to include with his request.

I don't think the driver had any idea how close this was to being a collision.  Good move on the cyclist's part... I think he heard us shouting (obscenities).

If you're going to get a flat tire, the best place for it to happen is when you're almost home and can ride in without fixing it.  I took the opportunity also to wipe down the rim and spokes.

I decided my Strava Climbing Trophy was a little too boring, so I spiced it up:


Monrezee said...

Scott what is your smallest gear?. Looks like a 25 in the pic. I struggle with a 28 and wish I had a 30t to spin more.

Diablo Scott said...

That's a 27, but I also have a compact crank, so 34x27 is my lowest gear. 205 "steps" to get up The Wall. Of COURSE it's a struggle, that's what it's all about.