Saturday, September 03, 2016

2016 SMR 30

First ride of 2016 September.  Cool and windy.  I wore a jacket.

KOOKY Coincidence:  On the way out to The Mountain, waiting for the green light to cross Ygnacio Valley Road, I see a guy in hospital scrubs coming from the Doctor's Park office building; I figure he's a doctor or something just getting off work.  Then he crosses Bancroft against the light, then he crosses Ygnacio coming toward me not only against the light but dodging the traffic, not in a crosswalk and I don't know what to think.  Then he comes up to me and asks me to call an ambulance for him - and I wonder if there was a car crash over there somewhere.  And he says "I'm really afraid someone might try to hurt me."  Know I have him pegged as a kook.  He's wearing shower shoes and carrying a plastic garbage bag with a blanket and a big wooden rosary.  I asked him if he'd rather I call the police and he said no, but maybe I could just walk to the hospital with him and I said no.  I don't want to leave a paranoid kook alone and afraid, but I'm running late for 2016SMR30.  So as I'm fumbling with my phone to call an ambulance, a car pulls up to the red light (about the third cycle of signals since I've been there now) and a woman rolls down her window and the kook asks her for a ride to the hospital and she agrees to do it.  So he got in the car and she drove away and I see the kook's blanket sticking out from the closed door, dragging on the pavement as they pull away.

Kind of foggy until we got up past Juniper.

Part of the safety improvements include all-way STOP signs at Juniper and Junction, so now you'll have to stop even on the way down.  They're covered up with black plastic right now, but should be soon.

I knew this guy was going to pass me on The Wall,
so I focused on riding a straight line and not looking like a Fred.

Wildlife Encounter:  deer

Most recumbent people I know have some kind of physical issue
that makes regular bikes hard to ride, but this guy looked like
he just loves the recliners - fast and high tech.


Mike said...

The recumbent was my friend Jason (Team Diablo) and he's an animal!

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