Wednesday, September 07, 2016

2016 WNR 26

Wow, twenty-six Wednesday night rides.  It's been a good summer... and it's almost over... MAYBE three more.

It was hot today, but it was starting to cool down by the time we got started.  There was a fire somewhere on the east side of The Mountain though and the air quality was affected.

New rider from work came - she looks like an experienced rider but hasn't done a lot of extended climbing - didn't make it to Junction but said she had fun.  She also has Sidi shoes and a jersey from a charity ride for credentials.

Wildlife Encounter:  deer all over the place.

Tarantula Tally:  one crawler at Moss Landing on the way down.  Kind of lower than I usually see them.

Since I replaced my brake cables my bike hasn't seemed quite right - maybe I'm overly aware or maybe I messed something up... probably time for a wheel truing and complete overhaul... maybe after the last WNR of the year... or maybe when I switch to the foul-weather bike for the season.

Elmar said once that he's sometimes surprised at his Junction time... like he thought he was going fast but had a slow time, or vice versa.  I told him I'm never surprised because I'm always checking at the splits and estimating my final result.  Today when we got to the Upper Washout, we were together and I said "Looks like another 49".  Today's Junction time:  48m58s.

The sun is setting on the Wednesday Night Rides.

Cycling Mount Diablo

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