Sunday, September 25, 2016

2016 Diablo Challenge Volunteer

This is the 8th time in 10 years I've volunteered for this event.
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Things went pretty smoothly except they moved registration to the parking lot instead of the start line, so people were showing up late to the Athenian School area.  Also since the forecast was for warm weather, fewer riders opted to have warm clothes when they got to the top, so there weren't nearly as many backpacks as usual.  That meant there was kind of a last-minute rush to get things in my truck, but there weren't all that many things to load anyway.

The other change was at the Lower Lot there were chairs and event-type bike parking so the organization at the top was superb... much nicer than people just laying their bikes everywhere like in previous years.

Blog Reader Rick pulled off a PB of 55m04s... which is about my time to The Junction yesterday... of course The Challenge goes up The Easy Side.

Click below for fast motion finish line action!

Where is everybody?

Bay Area Cycling Legend Chuck Tyler - voice of the Start Line

I forget this guy's name
CHARLEY - Thanks Christine!
 but he's a manufacturer's rep
for several bicycle companies and has some great stories.

John Slawta of Landshark fame, and Jenny Slawta of female 
Diablo Challenge Champion fame.
They come every year with their two young sons 

who are both incredible riders too.

Diablo Daughter enjoys the vegan fig bar of volunteerism.

Uber legend Bob Roll acting like a normal guy.

Bobke tells some stories on stage.

Blah blah safety... OK go.

Your humble blogger and his fan kit.

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