Saturday, September 26, 2020

2020 SMR 29

 A heat wave is coming, brief but intense. This morning was beautiful though, but the smoke was a factor.

Very busy on The Mountain, including one club from Berkeley. We saw them at Junction coming up SGR, and I stayed ahead of all of them except for one guy whose job was to take photos of people suffering up The Wall.

Report is that the water is turned back on at Junction, if you need it.

DiabloShoutouts to Jim, Nancy, Bernie, and Bharat.

I saw Nancy and her crew on my descent at Juniper where they were quitting because of the smoke.

Lots of motorcycles today too.

I'm getting a bottom bracket kind of creaky noise from my bike - I should probably overhaul and re-grease stuff.

Work is progressing on the Bike Turnout at Devil's Elbow also.

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