Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Diablo Junction with a Newb

Today our young intern at work decided to come up the mountain with us. He'll be a sophomore at Davis in a few weeks and he has a double-sprung mountain bike. I rode him out to the Gate; Adam hooked up with Jason a little later and they met us about a mile below the Bump. I stayed with the newb and gave him advice and made sure he didn't quit and turn around. He was pretty strong up until the Bump and then he started to flare out. After that he said his legs were burning and his lower back hurt so I figured he was having a good ride. Finally when we got past the Ranger House and could see the finish line I told him to sprint and he left it all on the road and put in a good one. He said it was fun and he should have come out earlier but had been intimidated by all our cool road bikes. He especially liked seeing the tarantula.

Mark A. came up to the Junction shortly later and told us about cyclocross racing he had done and the season to come. He said a lot of those cyclocross guys are riding stupid-light, expensive road bike stuff on the cross courses including one guy who had Mario Cipollini's old wheels from the Giro (I think he said the guy was a Specialized rep).

Rick and I are doing Foxy's Fall Century on October 15th so if any readers are too, be sure to give me a shout out.

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