Saturday, September 23, 2006

Summit - 36 miles

JB, Rick, and yours truly. There was a strong Santa Ana type wind from the east. We were reasonably sure Summit Road would be open, but none of us checked.

Roadkill Siting: Two snakes and a stick that looked like a dead snake - I called it a "snick".

Rick was strong from his epic Yosemite 2-day. I put on a series of accelerations but didn't stay away from him for long. JB must have been asleep because he wasn't even close to us. There are about a half dozen gravel bits where new culverts have been layed but they're easy to ride over. Rick passed me for the final time near Son of Chainbuster and stayed away to put about a minute on me in GC.

Junction Restrooms

Summit Road is all new from about a mile past the Junction - near Lookout Point Picnic Area. It's all striped and completely done. Below that there are a few asphalt patches but it's in very good shape.

More wind as we climbed higher and I started to fade at Juniper so Rick and JB both demolished me.

Not good for photos up there because of wildfire smoke and other smog. I think I did about 83 minutes to the Summit; if winds are like this next Sunday there won't be any new records set.

Coming down the road was so smooth it was eerie - almost like I was sliding instead of rolling.

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