Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Junction from Work - 32 miles

Boy, everything went wrong today. First I got a flat on my way in to work. Walked the rest of the way in since I was so close and fixed the flat at lunch. Edgardo had a broken spoke that I also tried to replace at lunch, but his new spoke didn't fit his old nipple so I couldn't. He got another one though so JB fixed it after work and got his rear wheel semi-true and we left the parking lot about 5:30. Got out to North Gate Road before the Gate and he caught his shoelace in his chain and ripped it right off his shoe. While he stopped to fix that he noticed that his front tire was flat. While he was fixing the tire, Edgardo came by so I started up with him - crossed the Gate line at ten minutes before 6 o'clock. After a while, Edgardo's wheel got crooked in his frame, like his quick release was too loose or something so I stopped and fixed that for him, and then JB finally came by.

So now JB and I sped up and soon passed a whole bunch of folks. He hasn't ridden for a couple weeks so I thought I might have an advantage and I pressed him a little bit which seemed to irritate him. Never got a gap I could hold onto though and at Chainbuster he attacked on the inside and smoked me.

Bugs were really bad at the Junction. There were several places where NGR is all chewed up with gravel, and Summit Road is still closed to everybody including bikes. Getting dark earlier now; I'm going to have to start driving in or else it'll be dark on my way home.

One more flat at the end of the ride just to make my day perfect.

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