Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Drove to the Gate, got a head start on JB and Adam. Felt a little "off" tonight, kind of spacey like when you take a cold pill. Couldn't find a rhythm and just didn't feel strong but I chugged along at a decent pace anyway.

Nice weather - a little warm, a little breezy, I drank most of my Cytomax before I got to the Bump. Got passed by a guy in Saeco shorts who had a cool tattoo on his calf.

Wildlife Encounter: baby rattler above the Cold Shoulder, about 9" long.

Adam caught me on the finishing stretch and I rode hard to beat JB by about 30 seconds (after start time handicap).

Looks like they got some new flags at the Junction - the old ones were pretty tattered. Bad bugs, no body else to talk to, we headed down after a couple minutes. On the descent JB was ahead of me at the Ranger House and two turkey vultures were circling: one of them swooped down to the road and was headed right toward JB - bit of a heart stopper!

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